LSC Annual Officers’ Seminar gathers 100 Officers

LSC Annual Officers’ Seminar took place on 3 May 2018 and gathered approximately 100 officers. Robert Kirkup, Chairman of the LSC Board , stated at the seminar that this year both the number of seamen and vessels of the fleet has increased.

As stated by Robert Kirkup, Chairman of the LSC Board, last year can be characterised by excellent achievements in the outcomes of vessel inspections; furthermore, the number of vessels under LSC management has increased and continues to increase. “A year ago, at this time our fleet consisted of 24 vessels; currently we have 27 vessels, and within the next few months we will have at least three more. We plan to increase the fleet up to 40 vessels by 2020. The number of seamen has increased to 1,400: knowledgeable professionals have joined us to form a strong and trustworthy team,” explained Robert Kirkup.

Just like every year, the emphasis and attention in the LSC seminar was placed on safety onboard a ship, when implementing the new regulations and standards. Current issues of technical supervision, implementation of new systems, outcomes of vessel inspections and future plans, of course, were also discussed.

Mikkjal Poulsen, Managing Director of LSC underlined that the company experiences a rapid growth: “We are proud that our company develops and grows so quickly. I am happy that we can become more professional, stronger, and, of course, I am satisfied that we attract new seafarers.” Mikkjal Poulsen underlines that further much effort will be devoted to implementation of new systems both on vessels and in the office in order to improve everyday work and make it more efficient.

This year LSC has not only exchanged the office premises to a new and advanced office in the centre of Riga but has also changed the brand identity: the name and logo of the company has been created to let the brand acquire better recognition in the industry and strengthen its position in the shipping industry.