Apply for the Covid-19 vaccine
Apply for the Covid-19 vaccine 2021. gada 15. February
Thinking about you, your family members and colleagues health and safety, we want to encourage you to apply for the Covid-19 vaccine using https://manavakcina.lv/ Let's be conscientious together!...
Visting of our office restriced due to Covid-19
Visting of our office restriced due to Covid-19 2020. gada 16. March
Dear clients,Despite challenging times our office continues full operations!However, due to the state of emergency declared by the government of Latvia in relation to pandemic Covid-19, visits to the office are allowed only by individual appointments. You can find our contacts at ww.lscgroup.lv/en/contacts Thank you for understanding!Yours faithfully,LSC team
Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia.
Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia. 2020. gada 18. November
Sveicam Latvijas Republikas proklamēšanas 102. gadadienā!Par mūsu Latviju, par neatkarīgu Latviju! LSC Congratulates You on the 102nd Anniversary of the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia.Let’s be thankful that freedom is a right, not a privilege and may the pride of our country is in every family! Have a happy National Holiday! ...
Cadet check-list
Cadet check-list 2020. gada 4. November
Download check-list here
LSC continues to support Dinamo Riga
LSC continues to support Dinamo Riga 2020. gada 16. October
With the start of the 13th Continental Hockey League (KHL) season, the Latvian-based ship management company "LSC" has decided to support the hockey club DINAMO RIGA for the second season. The company points out that so far the cooperation has been successful and it is necessary to support professional sport at the same time strengthening its brand.   The company started cooperation with DINAMO RIGA in the 2018/2019 season with the desire to increase the recognition of its brand among potential employees who watch KHL games in Latvia and abroad.   "Undoubtedly the situation that we are facing now in the world forces...
The crew of the LSC fleet LPG Vivit Dubhe rescued two people from a floating object
The crew of the LSC fleet LPG Vivit Dubhe rescued two people from a floating object 2020. gada 22. July
Yesterday evening, July 21, 2020 the crew of the Vivit Dubhe noticed two people in water on a capsize boat waving for help while the vessel was on passage with nearest port 19 NM (aprox.35km) Tasucu, Turkey. Captain Vitaliy Sheldyayev mobilized his crew and started the rescue operations immediately. Our crew professionally performed rescue operation using Lifebuoy with lines and safely moved both persons on board and provided them with the first aid, water and warm blankets in ships hospital as they did not suffer any significant injuries. The rescued people did not speak English. Vessel proceeded to Port Tasucu, Turkey for...
LSC Scholarship winners announced
LSC Scholarship winners announced 2020. gada 16. June
At the beginning of June a stage of "LSC" scholarship  competition was concluded. The Scholarship is implemented in cooperation with the European Regional Development Fund Operational Program Innovation Grants for students, Project “Grants for Maritime Studies” Nr. Congratulations to the 22 winners! Artūrs Beķers Sabīne  Kļaviņa Maksims Korhovs Timurs  Savickis Aleksejs Alferenkovs Jaroslavs Buļins Egita Dzalbe Mareks Gregorovičs Pēteris Gulšaks Vladislavs Jurčenoks Roberts Jurģis Aigars Klūga Mareks Lavrenovs Elizabete Magone Raivis Pudulis Dāvis...
Remarkable Anniversary for LSC
Remarkable Anniversary for LSC 2020. gada 29. June
This June we celebrate 20th anniversary on ISM code Certification LSC was one of the first companies in Baltic states implementing new Safety Management System, fully in line with ISM Code and being certified. From the beggining LSC was planning to became leading ship management company in Baltic's, it was clear we want to work with highest standards and most effective SMS and to receive internationally acknowledged certification was the way to start. First formal Document of Compliance handing over was back in 2000.     ‘’ISM code Certification is not a short-term...
Happy day of the Seafarer!
Happy day of the Seafarer! 2020. gada 25. June
“It is not the ship so much as the skill-full sailing that assures the prosperous voyage”- G.W. Curtis  This year with the COVID-19 pandemic has become more difficult for seafarers and it feels more important than ever to highlight the vital role of your work. We are thankful for your courage and service every single day, but today when we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Day of the Seafarer, I would like to express my gratitude one more time! Thank you for being with and for LSC, thank you for your loyalty, we appreciate your contribution! Happy #SeafarerDay 2020! LSC Managing Director Aleksejs...
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