The fleet under the technical management of LSC has been supplemented with the tanker Asphalt Splendor

In the beginning of the March in Antwerp, LSC, a subsidiary of the JSC Latvijas kugnieciba, supplemented the fleet, under its full technical management, with the ship Asphalt Splendor, the second bitumen tanker in the LSC’s fleet. Its overall length is 175 m, breadth – 30 m, but tonnage – 37 000 t.

“I am delighted we continue to expand the fleet under our technical management, which in turns means new possibilities to provide a broader scope of services to our clients and to raise interest of more new cooperation partners. The contribution of our staff is also important as it provides professional shipping services in line with international quality standards,” notes the chairman of the boards of the JSC Latvijas kugnieciba and LSC Robert Kirkup.

The tanker Asphalt Splendor was built by the Chinese ship building company Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding Co in December 2015. This is already the twenty-seventh ship under the technical management of LSC. Previously LSC’s fleet was supplemented on 9 January, this year, with the bitumen tanker Asphalt Synergy.