Latvian Shipping Company grants scholarships worth 25 800 euros

To support future seafarers and promote marine education in Latvia, scholarship of JSC “Latvian Shipping Company” (LSC) this year has been granted to seven students studying seafaring at the Latvian Maritime Academy (LMA) and at the Liepāja Maritime College (LMC) who have withstood the competition of LSC and the “Vītols Fund” (“Vītolu fonds”). The total scholarship fund is 25 800 euros, and each scholarship holder will receive 300 euros a month throughout the academic year.


LSC scholarship recipients in 2017:

  • Līga Buša, LJA;
  • Nikita Maguran, LJA;
  • Jurijs Šendriks, LJA;
  • Vladlens Saviks, LJK;
  • Vladimirs Saviks, LJK;


“Our scholarship program at LSC was made to attract the best talent into the maritime industry. It also introduces LSC to the academy students in order to attract them to work for us either on our ships or on our shore-based office. We acknowledge the most outstanding students each year with a financial award to help them throughout the academic year. We hope that the scholarship will ease the student lives and help them achieve better study results so that one day they can wear LSC uniforms,” says Robert Kirkup, Chairman of the Board of LSC.

Indra Annija Cekula (LMA), who received the scholarship in 2015, reveals that the scholarship had granted invaluable help by letting her full concentrate on her studies. It helped her focus directly on the learning process and achievement of better grades. “The scholarship gave a great deal of pride and elation throughout the 15 months of the scholarship,” adds Indra Annija Cekula.

“LSC and “Vītols Fund” are united by common goals and values – education is one of the cornerstones for a successful growth of society and economics. We congratulate all the students, who from today will be able to call themselves “Latvian Shipping Company” scholarship recipients!” emphasizes Arturs Dzenis, Member of the Board of foundation “Vītols Fund”.

The scholarship could be applied to by last year students of Latvian higher education institutions with good and excellent grades, who have undergone internship on any ship under technical management of the LSC subsidiary “LSC Shipmanagement” Ltd for at least 4 months.