Company policy

Health, safety, environment and quality

LSC policies and principles are aimed to ensuring occupational health of employees and contractors, safe operation of the vessels, environment protection and satisfying the requirements of our customers.

Our priorities are defined as


LSC is committed to continuous health, safety, environmental and quality performance improvements by continual improvement of the effectiveness of its health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) integrated management system and achieving the set objectives. The HSEQ management system incorporates the following main Company’s objectives:

  • To ensure that the Company complies with all applicable National and International regulations, codes, guidelines, standards and other requirements to which the Company subscribes.
  • To ensure maximum protection to health, environment and property by identifying and controlling all risks to the occupational health, safety and environment and, establishing appropriate safeguards.
  • To prevent personnel injury and ill health by ensuring safe practices ashore and in vessel operation, providing a safe and healthy working environment.
  • To prevent ship accidents and damage to property by strict compliance with safe ship operation procedures.
  • To minimise the impact of the Company’s activities on the environment and ensure zero-spill practice.
  • To ensure Customer’s satisfaction by providing quality services to our clients and meeting or exceeding their requirements and expectations.
  • To maintain a culture of health, safety, environmental and quality awareness within the Company at every level for all employees to encourage teamwork, initiative, leadership, reliability and a commitment to improvement.
  • To maintain an environment of continuous improvement with regard to meeting these objectives, and ensure continual improvement of the Company’s overall performance.

To fulfil our commitments LSC will:

  • provide adequate resources and support to implement the HSEQ management system and ensure its effectiveness;
  • maintain the organizational structure of the Company necessary for the business activities, exactly and clearly determining duties and responsibilities;
  • man the ships with highly qualified Officers and Ratings and, control their educational, training and qualification levels in compliance with the Company requirements;
  • ensure on-the-job training and refresher courses for employees, arranging necessary training and courses;
  • support employees in improving their professional knowledge and skills;
  • ensure motivation of each employee to perform their duties safely by maintaining high standards of safety consciousness, discipline and individual accountability;
  • pay particular attention to the continuous improvement of safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, ensuring readiness to act in emergency situations and with appropriate safety organizations aimed at dealing with all the identified risks;
  • ensure reporting and investigation of all incidents, unsafe acts, near misses and dangerous occurrences and, respond to these reports quickly and effectively to neutralize such dangers and prevent reoccurrence;
  • systematically identify and assess the sources of marine and atmospheric pollution, minimize adverse environmental impact across all our activities through emission reduction and responsible disposal of residual waste;
  • conserve energy and materials through efficient fleet operation and applying recycling and waste reduction programs;
  • develop safety, quality and environmental targets, monitor, measure and analyse them to verify that the HSEQ management system and all processes are implemented effectively;
  • strive for Customer’s satisfaction by achieving compliance with, and clear identification of Customer’s expectations and actively monitoring the results;
  • check the effectiveness and ongoing relevance of the policies and procedures by initiating regular reviews;
  • ensure that the HSEQ policy is communicated, implemented, understood, and maintained at all levels of the organization, both ship and shore-based.

This policy applies to all LSC SIA managed vessels and to the Office. Delivery of the health, safety, environmental and quality objectives are a shared responsibility, including responsibility of each employee of LSC SIA. To meet these objectives all Company employees are expected to maintain a culture of health, safety, environmental and quality awareness and act proactively to ensure continuous support in meeting the Company’s objectives.

All employees are expected to comply with occupational health, safety, quality and pollution prevention regulations and procedures and, to take all precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues, the ship, its cargo and the environment.

This policy is communicated to all the Company contractors, labour hire employees, visitors and other persons working for and on behalf or under the control of the Company with the intent that they are made aware of their individual health, safety and environment protection obligations.

This policy is made available to the Company customers, vendors and suppliers.


Managing Director Aleksejs Sidorenko