"LSC" continues the campaign " Jūra meklē saimnieku" 2021. gada 19. May
In order to acquaint young people with educational opportunities in the maritime sector and to promote the attraction of specialists necessary for the development of the industry, "LSC" continues the campaign " Jūra meklē saimnieku ". In the campaign, young people can use an interactive test to find out the most suitable seafaring profession and their potential to work on the fleet. During the campaign, primary, secondary and upper secondary students are invited to answer interactive test questions related to the maritime sector. Thus, young people have the opportunity to learn the most suitable seafaring profession, the most...
LSC annaunces Scholarship program
LSC annaunces Scholarship program 2021. gada 7. May
To support the development of the maritime sector in Latvia and the growth of new specialists, SIA LSC, will provide scholarships to maritime students for 15 thousand euros. "LSC is proud to continue to provide support in the education of young people interested in maritime and shipping, supporting them in their daily and educational activities. It is a great pleasure that there are more and more young and enthusiastic young people in the maritime industry, who create the heredity of generations, cultivating old and stable traditions, " points out Vladimir Egger, Chairman-Supervisory Board of SIA LSC. This year, SIA LSC continues...
LSC encourages everyone to use manavakcina.lv 2021. gada 13. May
Safety always comes first! From May 3, every inhabitant of Latvia will have the opportunity to apply for vaccination! We want to encourage everyone to use manavakcina.lv and apply for the Covid-19 vaccine!
LSC invites to apply for the cadet programm
LSC invites to apply for the cadet programm 2021. gada 19. April
LSC offers cadet program to maritime students and graduates on its tehnical managed fleet. If you are maritime student or a graduate and wish to start a carrier in a fast growing maritime company, APPLY NOW! (click here) 
Happy Easter
Happy Easter 2021. gada 1. April
We wish you a sunny and happy Easter! May Easter bring lots of happiness and joy! We also want to inform that our office will be closed on holidays (02.-05.04)!
Apply for the Covid-19 vaccine
Apply for the Covid-19 vaccine 2021. gada 15. February
Thinking about you, your family members and colleagues health and safety, we want to encourage you to apply for the Covid-19 vaccine using https://manavakcina.lv/ Let's be conscientious together!...
Visting of our office restriced due to Covid-19
Visting of our office restriced due to Covid-19 2020. gada 16. March
Dear clients,Despite challenging times our office continues full operations!However, due to the state of emergency declared by the government of Latvia in relation to pandemic Covid-19, visits to the office are allowed only by individual appointments. You can find our contacts at ww.lscgroup.lv/en/contacts Thank you for understanding!Yours faithfully,LSC team
Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia.
Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia. 2020. gada 18. November
Sveicam Latvijas Republikas proklamēšanas 102. gadadienā!Par mūsu Latviju, par neatkarīgu Latviju! LSC Congratulates You on the 102nd Anniversary of the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia.Let’s be thankful that freedom is a right, not a privilege and may the pride of our country is in every family! Have a happy National Holiday! ...
Cadet check-list
Cadet check-list 2020. gada 4. November
Download check-list here
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