“LSC” fleet crew rescues a man in the ocean

“LSC” fleet vessel “Asphalt Splendor”, despite the adverse weather conditions and great difficulties, rescued the Scottish rower who had set off on a journey across the ocean from New York to Scotland in the homemade boat.

On September 22, 2018, vessel “Asphalt Splendour” belonging to the fleet under the technical management of the company “LSC” based in Latvia received a signal from the coast guard about the man whose homemade boat did not emit any signal. Family of the traveller informed the coast guard that due to technical deficiencies boat batteries do not work anymore. Coast guard alerted “Asphalt Splendour” – and vessel immediately started the rescue operation.

Within the frameworks of the social project Scottish sailor Duncan Hutchison Murray set off for a transatlantic journey on a handmade boat. During the rescue operation crew of the vessel had to undergo various difficulties – it was dark and making a visual contact with the boat was very complicated, also strong winds broke the safety ropes but ultimately the rescue operation was successful.

“I am truly grateful to the entire team of “Asphalt Splendor” for rescuing me. May you always have as responsive and understanding employees as those people! I will be eternally grateful to you,” tells Murray.