LSC spends the international children’s protection day at work together with children

In order to turn the attention of population and employers to the balance between career and the private life, as well as to strengthen the Latvian families, on June 1 LSC held activity “Children at work” of Amigo initiative “For Happy Families”. Within its framework, LSC invited the employees to come to work together with their children and made sure to provide a wide range of activities for them.

A total of 29 children visited LSC office and provided the families not only with the opportunity to spend time together, but for children to learn of the working environment and specifics of their parents. The event was started by the children’s board meeting with a presentation on operation and achievements of LSC. Afterwards everyone participated in morning exercises and photo orienteering in the office premises. In cooperation with Zinoo, exciting experiments with water in all aggregate states were performed, and all children were unanimously excited. After healthy lunch, the children set about preparing greetings and messages for our sailors. When the works were finished, they were all set out on the wall and later will be sent to the ships. For a moment, the terrace of the office building was transformed into an ice-cream factory; and together with our families we enjoyed the delicious treats, while basking in the sun. Rocket workshop was also available at the event, and children could not only make rockets, but also send them up into the air. The event was concluded with Jumpspace visit and final awards to all children.

“Today so many fine children spent time with us! The usual sounds of the office were supplemented with the sound of small footsteps that caused a smile to be lit on the faces of all colleagues! Even though the age bracket of children ranged from 3 to 13, all were smiling and were interested both in the company itself and all activities provided during the day! It was a truly nice day, and this is a great initiative. I recommend the other companies to follow it and participate,” shared Ilze Stangaine, PR/HR Manager

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